Seattle Public Utilities plans water supply shutoff for overnight Dec. 10

Seattle Public Utilities has planned a major water supply shutoff for overnight Dec. 10 to allow for needed maintenance.

Beginning at 9 p.m. on Friday through 6 a.m. Saturday, the supply lines that bring fresh water onto Mercer Island will be temporarily turned off to allow for maintenance work on the system.

These supply lines feed directly into two 4-million-gallon Island reservoir tanks, which will continue to feed the Island’s water system without any anticipated changes to water service, pressure or quality. However, water pressure could be diminished in the event of a major fire or water main break, so all community members are asked to conserve water during this time as a “just in case” measure.

While most Islanders shouldn’t notice any interruptions to water service, the Shorewood Apartments will lose water service during this time since the complex sources water directly from the Seattle Public Utilities supply lines and are not connected to the city’s water system.

Seattle Public Utilities will be working directly with Shorewood’s management to ensure all residents are notified of the outage. Shorewood residents can contact Seattle Public Utilities project manager Eugene Mantchev (206-684-0335, with questions or concerns about the water outage.