Mercer Island takes on Sammamish | Prep track and field

The Mercer Island track team traveled to Sammamish on Thursday, March 21, in the first meet of the season.

The Mercer Island track team traveled to Sammamish on Thursday, March 21, in the first meet of the season.

In the boys competition, Risley Lesko finished the 100-meter race in 11.37, while Justin Boynes finished in 11.87.

In the 200-meter race, Ethan Vu finished in 24 seconds, followed by Andrew Barnwell in 24.99. Peter Giseburt finished in 25.05, while Ryan Jones earned a 25.45 time. Greyson Weltyk finished in 26.70, Kwame Opoku finished in 27.28, Daichi Momma finished in 28.27, Richard Chess finished in 29.21 and Jasper Hugunin finished in 30.84.

Vu finished in 52.99 seconds in the 400-meter race, while Emerson Shultz finished in 55.9. Boynes finished in 57.54, followed by Luke Bohlinger in 58.52 seconds and Nathan Gallatin in 58.63.

Dylan Lesko had the top time in the 800-meter event, finishing in 2:06.72, while Jonathan Perr finished in 2:18.87, Simon Wang finished in 2:36.59 and Jake Jenkins finished in 2:44.69.

Eric Schulz won the 1,600-meter event, finishing in 4:32, followed by Matthew Wotipka in 4:34 and Daniel Mayer in 4:43. Nathan Cummings finished in 4:44, Ian Platou finished in 4:56, followed by Gallatin in 4:59 and Teddy Larkin in 5:17. Thomas Brown finished in 5:28 and Luke Mounger earned a 5:31 time.

Seattle Thunder finished the 3,200-meter race in 11:16.36 minutes.

Max Tilden had the Islanders’ best time in the 300-meter race, finishing in 46.80 seconds, followed by John Gallagher in 46.84, and Nicholas Richards finished in 49.94.

The Islanders 4×400 relay team finished in 3:44.26.

In the shot put event, Tyler Walters threw 41 feet and 11 inches, while Sean Pyne finished with a toss of 40’1.5. Nolan Conway threw 39’2, Espen Platou threw 34’5 and Collin Nicoll threw 32’9.

Dylan Majewski threw the discus 83 feet and four inches for the Islanders’ best toss. Teammate Conway threw 82’8, Sahir Noorani threw 77’7 and Niccoll threw 75’6.

Weltyk finished the high jump with a 5-foot-2-inch leap, while Jones finished at the 5’0 mark. Barnwell finished the long jump with a 16’6 best leap, while Gallagher had a 34’2.25 in the triple jump.

In the girls competition, Latrevian Saunders had the best 100-meter time for the Islanders in 13.88, while Emily Lightfoot finished in 14.19 and Emily Bassett ran in 14.21. Lauren Emick had a 14.39 time, Katherine Hendrikson finished in 14.81 and Katie Lee ran it in 14.92.

Lara Harrison won the 200-meter race in 26.13, while Lightfoot finished in 29.19 and Emick finished in 29.26. Jolie Tate finished in 20.47 and Lee finished in 32.60, while Jessica Borda finished in 34.23.

Saunders finished the 400 meter event in 1:07.5. Alida Scalzo won the 800 meter event in 2:34.41, followed by Rhiannon Holmes in 2:40.80 and Brianna Meehan finished in 2:47.53, while Eva Schulte finished in 3:12.58.

Sarah Bjarnason finished the 1,600 meter event in 5:35, followed by Scalzo at 5:47.

Alexa Bauman finished the 3,200 meter race in 12:07, Linden Elggren finished in 12:09 and CeCe Rosenman finished in 12:40. Kaya McRuer finished in 13:37.

Lindsay Lightfoot finished the 100 meter hurdles race in 17.54 and Shannon Cavanaugh finished in 18.56. Marissa Tuttle-Roache finished in 19.84, while Sydney Zeldes finished in 20.56 and Kelsey Tootil finished in 24.11.

In the 300 meter hurdles, Lindsay Lightfoot finished in 55.03, followed by Zeldes in 58.26 and Tootil in 1:03.83.

The Islanders 4×200 relay of Lorial Yeadon, Casey Piper, Kristen Brackmann and Lauren Emick finished in 1:53.23.

In the field events, Christina Doctor won the shot put event, throwing 24’8, while Katherine Hendrikson threw 23’5.5 and Carly Ledbetter threw 23’1.5.

Gina So finished with a 67’2 throw in the javelin event, while Ledbetter threw 63’10. Emily Lightfoot jumped 4’8 in the high jump and Saunders had a 14’4.75 leap in the long jump.

The Islanders will host Interlake on Thursday, March 28 in a 4:30 p.m. meet.