Indispensable women of Alabama | Letter

“The Alabama election is over. Let’s unleash our women to address larger problems.”

The Alabama election was very meaningful for all of us — including denizens of Mercer Island.

It means that the roll of participating women is the key to the survival of the U.S. and planet earth.

They know that we are not simply animals, fated by our nature to fill the planet to overflowing. They know that we live in history as well as nature, that we can make our own history.

It’s never been easy, and it only gets harder if we allow irresponsible and exponential breeding to continue. Educated women will not allow that. They are the antidote to the siring of rednecks.

Economic stratification and patriarchal domination create injustice and the subjugation of women. The free market, human cruelty, corporate brutality and the endlessly multiplied desire for more material goods are the heart of capitalism.

When informed women begin to understand that, candidates the likes of Doug Jones become U. S. Senators.

Informed women will bring sustainability. They know that our constantly amplified mania for consumption precludes sustainability. They know that cultures of class and hierarchy can never produce cultures of decency and sufficiency.

The Alabama election is over. Let’s unleash our women to address larger problems.

Cy Baumgartner

Mercer Island