Man involved in rollover accident on Mercerwood Drive

A 73-year-old male was involved in a rollover accident in the 9300 block of Mercerwood Drive on the evening of April 14.

The driver of an SUV appeared to be uninjured and was transported to an area hospital for medical evaluation, according to the Mercer Island Fire Department, whose initial units arrived on the scene at 5:45 p.m.

According to the Mercer Island Police Department, drugs or alcohol were not involved in the single-vehicle accident. The vehicle appeared to traveling at a moderate speed when it veered onto the side of the road and hit a rock, which caused the vehicle to tumble onto its side, according to the fire and police departments.

There was minor damage to the vehicle, which contained copious personal items that hampered the fire department’s extrication of the driver and subsequent treatment.

Extrication took 26 minutes, the patient was transported to the hospital at approximately 40 minutes and fire units exited the area about 20 minutes later. Police remained on the scene until the tow truck cleared the vehicle.